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The Benefits of
Registering a UserName

To register a UserName, go to our registration form.

People that regularly post or respond to posts of this BBS will most likely enjoy the benefits of registering a UserName:

  1. Instead of having to enter your name and email address each time you post, you'll only need to enter your username.
  2. When you post with your username: your email address, name (or pseudonym), and Signature are automatically added to your post, leaving you to merely concentrate on your message. Your Signature can contain some HTML, including BOLD LETTERS, italicized letters, and even hypertext links. (For more information on HTML as it relates to this BBS.)
  3. If you're a registered user, you can utilize the email features of this BBS:
    1. You can choose to email your responses to the author, as well as post them.
    2. You can choose to send CC's (Carbon Copies) of your message to any number of email addresses. (Simply enter the email addresses in the text box provided for this purpose.) If you want to CC the message to more than one address, separate the addresses by commas:,,etc.
  4. You can have a link to your picture appear in all of your posts.
  5. Other users cannot "forge" posts by your username or even your name/pseudonym (unless you give out your username ... which is not recommended).

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