The Club House

The Rules, Regulations,
and Other Legal Information

Our BBS Rules & Regulations:


The Club House (henceforth "BBS"), is not moderated, and Al Lauck (henceforth "maintainer") accepts no liability of legal consequences that arise from this BBS (e.g. libel, slander, or other such crimes). All posted messages are the sole property of their respective authors. The maintainer does retain the right to remove any and all message posts, for whatever reasons. Under no circumstances is the maintainer, nor creator of this BBS to be held liable for any wrongdoings that occur from the usage of this BBS. People that post messages to this BBS are not to libel/slander nor in any other way depict a company, entity, or service in a false light; should they do so, the legal consequences are theirs alone.

Ownership and Copyright:

This BBS is maintained by Al Lauck. This use of the BBS software is the property of Al Lauck. The BBS Software itself is Copyright ©1996 Thomas Winzig. All Rights Reserved.

The Club House is maintained by Al Lauck